Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dos and Dont's of Summer Makeup!

                         Summer Dos and Don'ts of Summer Makeup
                          By Camillerossina

While girls still want to look pretty in the summer, it’s hard to wear makeup without feeling sticky and slimy on hot days. Keep reading to find out some major dos and don’ts about wearing makeup in the summer.

The Dos:
1. Do Wear Sunscreen or Moisturizer With SPF. This will help protect against the sun’s harmful rays and keep your skin hydrated.
2. Do Wear Lip Balm With SPF. This will ensure that your lips don’t get burnt or chapped.
3. Do Wear Waterproof Eye Makeup (If Wearing Eye Makeup). This will help so you don’t get raccoon eyes when by/in the pool or ocean.
The Don’ts:
1. Don’t Wear Heavy Foundation. If you do, it will all drip down your face after being outside for a little bit. That look doesn’t work for anybody.
2. Don’t Wear Sticky Lip Gloss. If you do, your hair will get stuck to it, and it will attract bugs. Gross!
3. Don’t Wear Tons Of Eye Liner. With the heat in the summer, your eye liner will just melt under your eyes causing the raccoon look. Instead, just opt for waterproof mascara if you really need eye makeup.
The main thing to remember when getting ready for a summer day is to keep things simple. Going overboard can quickly degrade into a slimy, sweaty look. Keeping your makeup at a minimum will let your skin breathe. And if you do put anything on your face, make sure that it contains SPF to help protect your skin from the summer sun.