Wednesday, May 29, 2013

" DIY Setting Spray"

Summer is here,which means Dull Foundation,smeared  Eyeshadow,blah,blah,blah!Well no worries ladies instead of paying so much for a setting spray that can cost you an arm and leg why not DIY save money and still be satisfied.So I put it to the test and results,let's just say I am one happy woman.Happy mixing Enjoy!

Mixing medium and setting spray can be easily made by just using glycerin and filtered water. Glycerin is a humectant that absorbs water content from the air and seals it in your skin. It is used in many different types of cosmetics and moisturizers and so it is safe to use on the skin.


What you will need: 
A travel-size spray bottle (I got mine from Bed Bath & Beyond)
Filtered Water 
Glycerin (I found mine at CVS)

1.) Fill 1/10 of the spray bottle with glycerin and fill the remaining portion with your filtered water 
2.) Put cap back on spray bottle and turn upside down so that the glycerin slowly starts to disperse throughout the bottle (you will see it drip down to the top of the cap)
3.) Shake the bottle until the glycerin and water are properly mixed together
4.) You are now ready to set your makeup! Hold the bottle an arms length away from your face and spray. Your makeup will now be properly set and last longer throughout the day.

(Note: It is best to make a new batch every two weeks to ensure it stays fresh and does its job