Friday, May 23, 2014

Fruit kabobs

a fun filled treat for my sons team!For those hot and humid days you need a little something to hydrate  the little ones why not fruit :) Delicious  and simple ! All you need is fruit  and  kabob sticks !Just make sure you check with parents  to make sure kids are not  allergic to any fruit,besdides that mix and match and if  you add banana  just make sure to add it lsamw day so it  win't turn brown or get to moist from the other fruits applied!wrap them in  plastic bags as you see and place them in a little gift bag with a sandwhich and a juice walaahh very popular!enjoy!

Baseball Cup Cakes

Herre is  a fun creative  treat to make  for the  little ones  playing tball !Very  easy  and simple   And not  time consuming  at all !somethinn  you and your kids  can do together !Here  is the  link !

 Cream Cheese Frosting 
Ingredients : Two packs of cream cheese 
                      Vanilla,powdered sugar,butter 
If you want chocolate cream chesse just add cocoa powder or melted chocolate!