Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Stylish Kids of Today's Generation!

                           Stylish Kids Of Today's Generation
                                    By: Camille Rossina

Question on Parent's mind's in Today's Generation is how far would you go with Fashion with your kids?Some may agree to disagree.Are we as parent's showing a bad example to our children by dressing them up in the finer threads then letting them be kids!what example will this show them to expect as they get older.My opinion as a mother of  a 4yr old Boy,Fashion is my passion!when it comes to my child I have limits as far as Fashion comes.Getting a child to stand still while your trying so hard to take a picture is not as easy as it seems,alot of patience is what you need for some. Crankiness,No Naps,Crying,Temper Tantrums,wanting to play,Hyperness, blah,blah,blah all of it comes into play.Let kids be kids.Unless your children enjoy dressing  up and enjoy the picture taking every minute of the day to each it's own.Just remember Parents children learn from us and see us as Role Models showing them the right thing to do between right and wrong,Chores,Responsibilities,Consequences,Life,Education is far more important than the finer things in life.